Urban Manufacturing

A view of Urban Manufacturing's facility

Urban Manufacturing's strategy is simple: manufacture precision parts from prototype through production, including subcontract work, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment.

This strategy has made Urban Manufacturing an ISO 9001:2008 certified tier one supplier to diverse industries:

Our employees are our strength, competitiveness, and marketability. We understand this, and train them to advance. These are the people who operate our CNC machining and inspection equipment, implement our quality policy, maintain manufacturing standards, and ensure our customer's long-term satisfaction.

Prototypes were our first job. Alex Urbanchek started with a single manual lathe and a contract to machine prototypes, and took the business to 120 employees (including 20 journeymen machinists), a 85,000 square foot facility, and an important list of key manufacturing customers.

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Metal coil and end stock photos by tanakawho and licensed under the Creative Commons License. All other photos by Tom Urbanchek, VP of Sales.